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Did you know?

Posted by theancientpathsfamilyfarm on August 25, 2007

Did you know that in the 1980’s researchers said that they expected 1 in every 2 people in North America would be diagnosed with some form of cancer? WOW! Half of the total population. Think of your family and friends – half of you.

But do you know what they say today? Today many researchers say that 1 in every 1 will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime. That means you and me, your spouse and mine, your children and mine. Everyone is expected to be diagnosed with some form of cancer at some point in their lifetime by these researchers. How many of these cancers will be the ugly and fatal ones? How many will be the “scare your pants off” but treatable ones? Do we really want either one of these?

Wow. Something has got to change. As a wife and a mother, I surely do not want my family to be affected with cancer if I can help it.

World Health Organization: Global cancer rates could increase by 50% to 15 million by 2020

I heard the other day that it is agreed that all cancers are caused by our environment. We already know this if we really stop and think about it. We know that cigarette smoking causes cancer whether you are the smoker or if you breathe the second hand smoke. We also have heard the studies that tell us things like anti-oxidants can help prevent cancer if we ingest enough of them often enough. We’ve heard of things like juice diets, raw food diets, vegetarian/vegan diets, etc. But those seem too troublesome for most people to pursue for any length of time.

I read recently that the chlorine in our drinking water is suspected to be one of the primary roots of all cancers. This makes sense to me because they tell us that they put this stuff in our water to “kill the organisms”. How many of us stop to realize that WE are also organisms?

So what can we do? We need to take control of our environment. I’m not saying that we need to become crazy environmentalists. But we need to put out some effort to ensure that what we put into our bodies are pure and natural, for starters. We need to also quit any of those habits that are damaging to our health – smoking, drinking alcohol, overeating, undereating, etc. Next we need to ensure that we have active lifestyles. Too many of us are pent up in an office all day and unable to get our bodies moving much and then we come home mentally exhausted and too tired for physical activity – such as riding a bike or taking a walk.

We really can reduce our chances of getting cancer if we want to. It will take some effort and some thought, but we can do it. There may be discouraging news but if we take time to listen to the whole story we will be encouraged as we learn what we can do for ourselves to ensure a healthier lifestyle for ourselves and our families. I know I don’t want to suffer with cancer and I don’t want my family to either. So I’m opting to do whatever I can to give my family the best anti-cancer chances I can. How about you?


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    Did you know? « The Ancient Paths Family Farm

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