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The Seed and Round-Up Monopoly

Posted by theancientpathsfamilyfarm on May 28, 2008

I’ve been wanting to write about the struggle between the big agricultural industry and the small farm for some time, but I’ve not had the chance to put it together just yet.  Small farmers are really struggling to make ends meet when the “big guys” push for legislation that makes things hard for the little guys and when the big guys do things that should be illegal, they just hire better lawyers and work through loopholes.

However, there are other industries that are out there that are making things hard for the big guy and the little guy alike.  Have you ever thought about where the farmers get their seed?  Have you ever thought about the monopoly that a seed producer could have?

What if that seed producer was genetically modifying those seeds so that their other products would work better or to require their other product(s) be used in order for their seeds to grow well?  America didn’t like it when there was a monopoly on telephone services so why would they sit by and say nothing when a giant monopoly is taking over in the agricultural world?  Because the scientists at the seed plant have better lawyers!

Pa over at Taking Root has written an article that I appreciated and addresses, quite well, the issue of The Green Revolution and Big-Ag.

or the past several years, Monsanto has been patenting seeds. Once a seed is patented, it is now owned by the entity that submitted it. As an example, let’s say there are 10 different varieties of corn seeds available in our national seed bank. As long as Monsanto is the first entity to them, they may submit each of these seeds for patenting. Once the patents are secured, Monsanto will hold 9 of the varieties to themselves but will genetically alter the other variety that is left. The primary genetic modification that they have been making is to make the seed “Round-Up Ready”…

Swing on by Taking Root and see what Pa has to say.


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