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Real Nutrition News

Posted by theancientpathsfamilyfarm on April 22, 2008

I have this impressive catalog/magazine here on my table and I just found it online so now I can share it with my online friends. 🙂

Real Nutrition News

It has some very interesting information in it related to nutrition and health that I’ve been reading elsewhere: in books, news articles, other magazines, etc. Because of this, I consider the information in it valid.

Remember, we were created to eat food – not to take vitamins. Eating whole foods and ensuring that we get our daily 5 to 9 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables is important. Vitamins just aren’t being absorbed by our bodies and we’d be better off to flush our money down the toilet than to buy synthetic vitamins. G-d created us to eat food, real food.


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G-d Intends For Us To Eat Food

Posted by theancientpathsfamilyfarm on March 10, 2008

Science cannot fix everything. When we have spent decades filling our bodies with various scientific chemicals in hopes of finding a cure, only to find ourselves back at the Doctor’s office asking for another medicine to “fix it”. One thing to remember is that Doctors are specialists in disease – the diagnosis and treatment of disease. It is not healthy people do not need to visit the Doctor, but the sick. And how do we keep ourselves healthy? What we fill ourselves with is a vital key!

Every day many of us take a multi-vitamin or a series of some sort of vitamins. Why do we do this? Often we are hoping to give ourselves the nutrients we need to strengthen ourselves against disease or to lessen the effects of a condition we already have. Sometimes we feel that since we take vitamins we can eat less than healthy foods. But if G-d had intended for us to sustain ourselves with vitamins, He’d have made them. But G-d intends for us to consume food. What He made He called “good” and was pleased with it. If He is the Author of creation then what He intended for us from the beginning should be enough. Right?

Vitamins are not bad, but they aren’t producing the results that we had expected when science first revealed this new wonder product. We’ve missed out on something important by consuming isolated nutrients, many of them synthetic nutrients to boot.

Of course, our farming practices have left much to be desired at various stages of human history and there have been times where we’ve taken more than we’ve given back, or we’ve poured poisons into our soils in hopes that they would make our plants grow better. Our soils aren’t as healthy as they once were which works heavily into the equation when we are counting the overall health of our foods.

Besides, we tend to eat our foods in parts. We skin the potatoes, apples and carrots before we eat them and we only eat some foods when they are cooked at high temperatures or are highly processed. When we do this we cut out or destroy much of the nutritional value of the food we’re eating.

So what are we to do? If our soils are deficient and producing deficient produce, and if we only eat some foods after they’ve been processed – what hope is there?

I propose that we consume more whole foods – the whole apple, the whole carrot, etc. (of course, don’t eat the apple seeds) Even though these products may not contain as much of the nutrients that we hope they would, they still contain more than if we didn’t eat them at all or if we only ate processed foods (like sweetened apple sauce). And if you are interested, you can supplement your diet with whole food supplements that mix easily into your favorite drinks (and taste good, too!).

It may take a little effort to begin to create new habits of consuming fresh whole foods at least once a day, but it’s worth the effort. And if you’re wanting to give yourself an added boost you can consume whole foods that have been juiced and dried at a low temperature to preserve the nutrient value. What an easy way to incorporate fresh whole foods into your routine!

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